Why HCMatrix

Most Human resources departments are faced with disorganizations that increases costs, that disrupts quality service. In most situations, this is caused by the HR department relying on disjointed systems and archaic methods for recording , tracking and managing employee data, these manual processes leads to delays and errors, and taxing compliance tracking, enforcement and reporting.HCMatrix supports all HR processes, data, employee management, and reporting all activities. HCMatrix is an integrated, cloud-based solution that is amazingly easy to use , affordable, easy to deploy and ideal for SME’s.

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User Interface

HCMatrix has a unique feature that allows any organisation to customize the look of their user interface with their logo , slogan and the color of their organisation. HCMatrix user interface is concise, familiar, responsive and easy to navigate.

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Data Security

Protecting employees data is priority for your HR team and thats why We believe in complete security of your data that is why we make use of modern technologies like Cloud Computing and several firewalls, to make your data secure.

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Cloud Delivery

our cloud delivery service allows customers manage and communicate with their employees anytime and anywhere and on an any device.It has a flexible monthly/annual payment plan, eliminates hardware cost and high availability of about 99.9%.

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We believe that having a software product like HCMatrix it must be accompanied with vigorous services and support. We aim to deliver both business consulting and technical expertise to generate important business outcomes.

HCMatrix Features


Recruiting: Humans are the greatest strength of your organization and with that in view, HCMatrix was designed to recruit new workforce seamlessly. Create Job applications that can be shared to social media to reach thousands in little time.

Absence Management

Manage your employee absences with a easy to use dashboard and calendar view to arrange absence plans of employee based on the date their request was granted. Approve or reject absence requests with an easy click of a button.

Training & Development

Train your workforce to give your desired competence level. Be it local and overseas training, provides you with a rich user interface to create advertise and manage new trainings. to employees based on their job roles and improve competency level.

Payroll and Finance

Maintain an auto-generated payment accounts for employees. All that is required is to set basic salary for each job role and any other benefit attached and set a fixed date for the payment to be made and notifications are sent....


Employees are needed to keep the organization running. With this in mind, HCMatrix was designed to capture employee medical records, manage their records, provide health tips for employees keep track of employees that need to be out of service for health implications....

Succession Planning

Most organizations face the regular problem of employee succession. Who to succeed the line manager or a higher employee level, What criteria would they meet to perform effectively at the new position they are to move to, What skills and training are required to perform....

Goal & Performance Management

Create new goal s and deliverables for your employee at the start of a new fiscal year, engage dialogue with employee on the set goals and kick off the year with set target for the fiscal year.With HCMatrix, let your employees set their goals and kick.....

Executive Dashboard

Make sense of your organizations data by viewing records in real-time graphical layout. HCMatrix provides a nice view of organization data to help make decision makers come up with precise decisions to keep their organization at top edge. Manage data anytime, anywhere....

Our Plans

 People Management
Employee Database | Documents | Job History | Bank Details | Family Details | Timeline
 Employee Dashboard
Dashboard | Leaves and travel request | Trainings | Timesheets | Attendance | Expense Reporting
 Talent Acquisition and Talent Review
Recruitment | Job posting | Online test | Applicant tracking | E-interview
 CBT System
Online / Offline test
 Training and Development
Training notification | Accept and attend training | Training review | Rating
  HCMatrix Payroll and Finance
Payslips | Budgeting | Tax Declarations | Expenses claim | Loan |Travel workflow
  HCMatrix Health
Employees medical records | Treatment history | supporting documents
  Goal and Performance Management
speedy appraisals | Assigning of goals |View performance |Rate Employees | View analysis
 Absence Management
Attendance| Clock-in | Leave Request | Travel Request
 succession planning
View employees qualification on organorgram | view employees qualified for position | promote employee | succession planning
Unlimited Admins | Email Notifications | IP Restrictions | CSV Extraction of all data
 Business Intelligence
Analytics | Preview | Dashboard | Reporting
  Customised Domain
  Software Assurance
  Mobile App

Pricing Plan

**For large corporations with more than 125 employees please fill the request quote form to get the right pricing and a member of our team will get back to you shortly


18 Users


25 Users


125 Users

***For the Elite plan the pricing doesnt cover the cloud hosting and storage capacity because of the e-recruitment module, request a quote today and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

30-day free trial

Want to see how HCMatrix works? For a 30-day free trial mode click the button and fill in the appropriate information and we will get back to you shortly.

Mobile App

HCMatrix is now available on mobile devices , which makes it easier to manage employees anytime and anywhere.It can work on both Andoid and iOS devices

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