Humans are the greatest strength of your organization and with that in view, HCMatrix was designed to recruit new workforce seamlessly. Create Job applications that can be shared to social media to reach thousands in little time. Applicants can apply for jobs and keep track of their job applications by maintaining a simple dash board for applicants. E-Mail confirmation is also enabled to confirm application process and for ease of information tracking.

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Create Job Posting

Post available positions in the organisation, fill in the description of the job and the requirements(i.e skills, qualification, age etc.).

Resume Archiving

Manage applicants resume instantly and archive them for future purposes.

Applicant self-service

Applicants can view available jobs and apply for whichever one suits their qualification. HCMatrix has made the system easy to use in a way that applicants would need no assistance in filling the applications.

Keep track of all applications and status

The human resources personnel can view all applicants resume's , view applicants status. With HCMatrix the Human resources personnel has the permission to manage all applications , approve or reject applications and also be able to view shortlisted candidates. HCMatrix provides a dashboard to view the statistics of applicants by age, region, etc.

Computer Based Test

Once applicants have applied based on the Human Resources department's sorting criteria, they will be able to choose the candidates that will be shortlisted for the Computer Based Test.The Computer Based Test consists of a pool of questions approved by the organisation's human resources management. HCMatrix provides the human resources personel(admin) a dashboard that shows the statistics of applicants taking the exam and scores.

Interview portal for conducting interviews

HCMatrix provides an end-to-end solution from applying to the interview stage. The interview portal gives the human resources management the ability to add panelist to the interview board. The interview board can view all applicants scheduled for the interview and their supporting documents.HCMatrix interview portal also has a rating system for rating applicants.


Finance and Payroll

Maintain an auto-generated payment accounts for employees. All that is required is to set basic salary for each job role and any other benefit attached and set a fixed date for the payment to be made and once this is completed, employees get their payment notifications from their banks and they are encouraged to continue working. With HCMatrix, there is added automation. No delays, payment is done according to set policies, configure notifications for employees whether or not they should get a notification from your organization. Keep a maintained archive of payment data for monthly and yearly view.

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  Comprehensive payroll reports

With HCMatrix you can view the overall salary paid in a month, earnings and decductions.And with the use of Power BI a dashboard is provided for Admin to view the statistics of salary , earnings and deduction in a month, quarter, year.


Using HCMatrix all that is required is to set basic salary for each job role and any other benefit attached and set a fixed date for the payment to be made and once this is completed, employees get their payment notifications from their banks and they are encouraged to continue working.Payslips are automatically sent to all employees once the payroll for the month is processed.

 Define payroll components

HCMatrix allows the Admin configure earnings and deduction components according to the rules applicable in the company

 Define taxes

The Admin can define various tax components according to the company's requirements.

 Expense Request

With HCMatrix an Admin can create different expense types according to an organisation's specification. Employees are able to view all types of expense types and they can also fill a form for expense claims. Once the form is filled the Admin can perform certain actions like viewing, accepting or rejecting the request.Admin and Employees are also able to view the history of all expense request from every employee

 Expense Tracking

Admin is able to keep track of accurate information about all employees claims history .Email notifications are sent to requesting/approving employee and Admin.


Absence Management

Manage your employee absences with a easy to use dashboard and calendar view to arrange absence plans of employee based on the date their request was granted. Approve or reject absence requests with an easy click of a button. Send E-Mail confirmations to parties involved to notify them of their successful or rejected absence plans. HCMatrix was designed from ground with users in view just to keep workflow process simple and yet achieve complex operations from anywhere in the world with any device - Laptop, Tabs and Smart phones. We've got you covered.

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  Leave Request

With HCMatrix employees can make a leave request by filling a form and it is sent to the line manager for approval then passed to the Human Resources personnel. All three parties get an alert when the request is sent and whatever action is taken concerning the request(i.e accepted, rejected). The Human resources(admin) can set leave request types according to the specification of the organisation.


Notifications are sent to all parties involved in the leave request workflow.The notification can be in the form of a text message or an e-mail depending on the settings chosen by the employee, the line manager and the human resources personnel(admin).

 Attendance Management

The line manager and the human resources personnel(admin) can view an attendance report of all employees who come to work early, late and on-time. HCMatrix provides a search criteria, you could search by time, name and date range. For the daily attendance a biometrics device comes along with the elite package to enable employees clock-in for the day and they can clock out from the HCMatrix system. Any organisation that has its own biometric hardware can connect to HCMatrix as it is compatible.

 Leave statistics

With the help of Microsoft Power BI , a dashboard is provided to the line manager and the human resources personnel(admin) to view the statistics of all employees attendance in different departments.


Training & development

Train your workforce to give your desired competence level. Be it local and overseas training, HCMatrix provides you with a rich user interface to create advertise and manage new trainings to employees based on their job roles and improve competency level. Keep track of users to know whether or not the training was useful by creating survey questions for employees to test their comprehension level. Keep an organised record of training location, job roles and user capacity. With HCMatrix, users can register to attend a training and if the user capacity is full, they are kept on the waiting list for future training or in case a there's a vacant seat for more attendees, they can then be added to the current list to attend trainigs.

With HCMatrix :

  • Employees can register to attend a training
  • Employees can view training calendar both internal and external
  • Human resources personnel(admin) can create trainings and define trainer.
  • After each training employees can take a survey and provide feedback concerning the training
  • Employees, Human resources personnel and line managers can view the status of any training


Goal and performance management

Create new goal s and deliverables for your employee at the start of a new fiscal year, engage dialogue with employee on the set goals and kick off the year with set target for the fiscal year. With HCMatrix, let your employees set their career aspirations and keep track of their aspirations and development. Rate employees with their track record of career achievement and monitor their progress.

With HCMatrix :

  • Employees can view already set goals set by the human resource personnel, line manager
  • Employees can make comments concerning the goals
  • Employees can record their progress
  • The human resources personnel and line managers can create new goals for employees
  • The human resources personnel and line managers can rate employees based on their performance
  • The human resources personnel and line manager can keep track of the employees progress


Executive Dashboard

HCMatrix has an intelligent dashboard with quick links and an overview of the complete system.

Expense Management

Employees can view expense history and put in a request for expense and expense refund.

Attendance Management

Employees can clock-In and clock Out on the dashboard to mark attendance. Employees can also view the history of their attendance for the month.

Task Management

Employees can update their daily tasks created for them by line manager or the admin. View number of hours required or spent on each task.

Training and development Management

Employees can view training calendar and nominate self for training.

Apply for Internal Jobs

Employee can view all internal jobs posted by company admin and apply for them. Employees can also send the job links to qualified persons if the jobs are opened to the general public.


Employee can view compensation details, view all payslips for each month and download them as and when required.

Records Management

Employees can upload and download necessary documents and can delete documents uploaded by them.

Goal Management

Employees can set their work goals for the year. They can set their career aspirations and keep track of their aspirations and development.

Other Features

Here are the rest of HCMatrix features

Reports and Analytics

HCMatrix provides detailed analytic reports for various modules provided in the system with the help of Microsoft Power BI.


HCMatrix portal can be configured configure as per their organisational needs, enable/ disable modules as per convenience and change the theme of the interface.

Succession Planning

Most organizations face the regular problem of employee succession. Who to succeed the line manager or a higher employee level? What criteria would they meet to perform effectively at the new position they are to move to? What skills and training are required to perform well and meet your organizations target? What is the time frame from interviewing a list of employees for a new position. With HCMatrix, this is well settled with our flexible succession management portal, employees can nominate sucessors to succeed them after they leave and the HR interview panel can go through the nominated list, reject or approve nominees with the click of a button. View nominees records at the go without having to refer to loads and loads of paper. Reduce papaer work anmd achieve more with HCMatrix.

Maintenance and support

Raise tickets for your issues by mailing at info@hcmatrix.com