HCMatrix time and attendance has made it simple for you in 4 easy steps

Data Collection

The first and most critical step is the ability to collect time data fast & accurately. With HCMatrix fingerprint scanner an organisation can enroll all employees in the organisation. Employees will be able to clock in using either a smart card or using their thumbprint.

Data Transfer

Once all employees are enrolled into the system, it is automatically imported into the HCMatrix time and attendance system. Human resource personnels can view all employees that have been enrolled into the system in real-time.

Manage employee Data

HCMatrix easy to use user interface gives you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s time attendance data virtually anytime and anywhere on any device.

Link attendance and payroll

Export data seamlessly into all payroll & HR softwares. Viewing employees attendance sheet and view their attendance rate employers can link it to the Payroll of all employees and take any action necessary on all employees based on attendance rate. To find out more about HCMatrix payroll system

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Time and Attendance Features

  • Intuitive time-card dashboard
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Multiple schedules per day
  • Online time-sheets
  • Interactive setup assistant
  • Track absences & accruals
  • Time off notification request
  • Job costing
  • Control when & where employees clock in
  • Powerful reporting & analytics
  • Overtime management
  • Lunch & break settings
  • Role based user access levels
  • Messaging system
  • Multi-lingual system
  • Assign pay class to a shift
  • Employee self service
  • Dashboard for managers
  • Advanced exporting tool
  • Who’s at work dashboard
  • Time card error notification
  • Linking to HCMatrix payroll system


Services provided by cloud based HCMatrix time and attendance system

Easy to implement

HCMatrix time and attendance solution is available via the Internet; Our time and attendance cloud based software completely eliminates installation and setup at the customer's end. Users can be up and running in the matter of minutes.

No infrastructure and low cost

Investing so much money on expensive infrastructure is no longer necessary. All investments on HCMatrix hardware, licenses, databases, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades are managed by us.


HCMatrix time and attendance is hosted on the cloud and has comprehensive and flexible application security , enterprise-grade password policies, role-based level security and 99.9 high availability.


HCMatric time and attendance cloud hosting is architectured to grow with an organisation. Whether its an SME or large corporation, be rest assured that our flexible cloud architecture will help meet your most demanding traffic needs.

Data Security

Our world class data center includes professional 24x7 monitoring, automatic daily backups, disaster recovery and business continuity services. Our infrastructure incorporates multiple levels of redundancy to guard against system failure.

High Availabilty

HCMatrix time and attendance is committed to providing customers with an outstanding experience especially when it comes to system availability. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure enables the system to provide world-class uptime, up to 99.9%.


With HCMatrix time and attendance, organisations can

Control labor cost & start saving money

According to our research, most companies without an automated time and attendance system tend to overpay employees due to time theft and error driven calculations, costing businesses millions each year. HCMatrix® time and attendance solution helps you eliminate calculation errors by helping you accurately calculate hourly totals and automatically applying overtime policies accordingly, and maintaining you in compliance with all labor laws.

Available on Mobile Devices

Empower your employees with online real-time intuition and easy access to business activities anytime, anywhere and on any device with HCMatrix time and attendance.

  • Review & approve employees time card

  • View employees schedules real time online

  • Track job costing

  • See all employee data real-time online


HCMatrix time and attendance provides you with advanced methods that makes it easy to collect, track and manage employees time and attendance.

Biometric time clocks are the most effective method to collect employee time, and also eliminates the practice of one worker clocking in/out for another. Choose from our advanced fingerprint technologies, or iris recognition, a non-contact and quick biometric solution.

The 5000T-C

The time attendance system, 5000T-C is a device that has fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application, etc.. that supports GPRS and WI-FI function to offer customers more high-end solutions.

The GT-300

The GT-300 has high-speed CPU and latest fingerprint algorithm Communication: TCP/IP, USB-host, Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS,3G (WCDMA) 4.3’’ touch screen and is user-friendly and very intuitive. Allows up to 20,000 Fingerprint and 40,000 cards capacity, has Built-in 2000mAh backup battery that extends after operation time. It supports ID, MF card, Wifi.

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